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What is Simplex Minds?

Simplex Minds is a blog/community that we are building from the bottom up. It will document the progress of Simplex Minds and cast spotlights on artists/professionals that are making the complex look simple.

Simplex is a combination word of both complex and simple. Simplex represents the symbiotic relationship of complex and simple. Both complex and simple live on opposite ends of the spectrum, but one does not exist without the other. Simplex is a goal and a process. The goal is to make the complex look simple, but in order to simplify the complex one must go through the process of bringing understanding to the complex.

What is the complex? The complex is of what you do not currently understand. 

The Blog will be a place to document the process of different creatives who are understanding the complex. We will be jumping into different projects and avenues we do not understand yet. It will also be a place for us to share our processes with the different simplex concepts around mentality and well-being. Overall, through this blog you will get a raw, true version of who these creatives are and our process with Simplex Minds and life in general.

Featured Minds will be a place where we will be highlighting different professionals/creators who are currently making the complex look simple. We will dive into their content and the complexities of their work. If given the opportunity, we will also get into their process. How they started, decisions they have had to make, and their battle with the complex.

Our aim through this blog is to help demystify the complex and make the complex look achievable. In the end, the process coincides with the results. What seems complex to you, may seem simple to others and what seems simple to you, may be complex to others. The difference is in the routes we take.

Understand the Complex. Simplify the complex. Make the complex look simple.

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