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5.24.21 Alignment

I know I've said this before, but every week things within Simplex Minds and my life are beginning to feel more and more aligned. It's still something I'm not used to and I'm grateful for it. I've been so used to having my hopes for certain things and then for things to not happen. I'm not used to things to actually work out.

Now I'm not sure things will work out for sure, but it feels a lot better than in the past. I've been talking and catching up with old friends and just talking about vision, values, and ideals with life in general. Normally I wouldn't be talking to people about these things because they are pretty serious conversations. But now since we've been separated for so long and we are all transitioning into more career and life development focused mindsets it's something we mainly talk about.

I go into these conversations just to talk and catch up with my friends. Then when catching up, we get into Simplex Minds simply because this is all I want to talk about when it comes to my life lmaoo. Simplex Minds has become my life. So I'm going to talk about it when people are asking me what I'm doing. It's tough to talk about it to certain people because a lot of people are just listening for the income portion of it. (I mean rightfully so lol). When they say, "what are you up to?" it's more of "what are you doing to make money?"

I tell people when I'm explaining Simplex Minds that there is not going to be any income for at least a year. It really just depends on how they respond as to whether I transition the conversation to something else or I decide to dive deeper into it.

But going back to alignment, I was talking to my friend David about Simplex Minds and what I'm doing with it, what I want to do with it, and what the goals are with it. I also talked to him about how it's getting tough for me to want to commit to a job where I see myself quitting once Simplex Minds becomes a sustainable source of income. He listened and we saw eye to eye on a lot of different things. He's in digital marketing and has a lot of experience working with new companies and said that he'd be down to help me grow this. He even offered me some side gigs if I needed in order to get income coming before this grows. That's something I just wasn't expecting. What a homie.

It's still wild to me that people would be willing to help me out with things for free. I don't want them to work for free, but they're willing to do it. I'll compensate them when I can, but man it's a different feeling when someone is willing to help and get involved just because. We're all trying to make money. We all want to get paid. To skip that and volunteer your time to work on a project that I've been dreaming of, it's something I don't think I could ever put into words with how grateful I am for that. Like you really have no reason to be helping me out on this. I truly am not expecting anything out of anybody when it comes to this. To have people in my life who see this project's potential and be willing to help me out with this is humbling and makes me want to do this so much more.

I didn't think that going out to kick it with the homies again after over a year of quarantine would lead to anything. I was there just to catch up and see some familiar faces. I missed everyone. But man, the more I talk about Simplex Minds. The more I discuss it with the people I trust, the more it feels like something that can really be something great. It may not be great for everyone, but to the people who it does reach and to the people who do connect with it, this can be something great.

The timing of everything feels just too crazy. It feels like everything is falling into place when it should be. I'm not used to this. I'm used to coming up with something, trying it out, not getting to where I want it to be, and just giving up. Then having that project come back as a point of conversation with someone and telling them that it just didn't work out. I just don't feel like I will be having that kind of conversation with this. I really don't think this isn't going to work out. The idea is solid. The premise is solid. The way we are going about it feels right. If this doesn't work out, it still won't be that same conversation. I'll at least have something to show. I'll be able to say I went for it, I did what I could, and it just didn't work out.

Honestly, this is more than likely something I'm always going to do. It may not work out initially. (But what does it mean for it to not work out?) The scale of it may be different than what I'm viewing in my mind, but I feel like there shouldn't be a reason to stop this. Sure, we may not build a community in the first season. We could not get any eyes on the things we are writing about, but at the end of the day we are doing this for ourselves. We are doing this to learn. We are doing this to put out work we are proud about. We are doing this to push ourselves. We'll always be doing that, so why stop this?

This is the one thing where I feel like it's going to work out eventually. Then when it does work out, the sky is the limit.

I'm getting more and more people I trust in my corner, willing to work with me. I want to do them right and do the best that I can with Simplex Minds so they know they aren't wasting their time. I want to be able to reward them later down the line and be able to help support them when I'm able to.

I'm in a spot right now where things with Simplex Minds are truly getting fleshed out. I'm getting more people involved to where they can help bring in new perspectives to help bring this to be where we know it can be. I'm so excited and so grateful.

I know that I couldn't be doing this at any other time. Everything that has led to this moment was needed in order to get me to this point right here. Season 1 is on the horizon and that's so surreal to me. There would have never been a season 1 if I tried to pursue Simplex Minds at where it was at even at the beginning of this year.

If you have an idea, take the time to understand it. Truly take the time to understand it. What you think it is today, might not be what it actually is. This goes for me too. In a year, what I want to do with Simplex Minds can change too. That's the beauty of tomorrow, it's not written. Develop a relationship with the idea you want to build. You'll be able to create something with much more depth just by holding off on it, letting it develop, and building that deeper understanding. If it's not ready, it's not ready.

Simplex Minds finally feels ready as a platform with depth and true value. It finally feels ready to start its journey. Everything is beginning to align and man I would not trade this for anything. Fuck a quick buck, we're going to do this correct. The money will come eventually. Community comes first. The people around me come first. I'm not going to take any shortcuts. I'm not going to sell them short. We're going to do this right. We're going for longevity. Who knows, maybe in 10 years we'll be helping make the next Emmy winning show or Grammy winning album or Oscar winning film. We're in it for the long haul.

Excited to share with y'all all the work we've done and excited to see what kind of work develops from this. The road ahead hasn't been paved and I'm excited to see where it takes us.

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