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Today I got an email from a scholarship opportunity that I applied to months ago.

The scholarship opportunity is basically a mentorship with someone many would die for.

And I got through to the next round.

This is normally where I would say this is crazy, because it is. But, it doesn't feel as "crazy".

I feel like I've gotten to a point where I've actually earned the slot for the next round. I mean I did, I just got an email stating that. But, I feel like its more of a confirmation of my vision than anything. Like I feel like all of these months of building up Simplex Minds and understanding the vision of this site has earned me this slot.

I've been planning Simplex Minds without this scholarship opportunity in mind. And I'm going to keep planning on it and working on it without this scholarship opportunity in mind.

This scholarship would be amazing to have. It would open up so many doors. It would take Simplex Minds to the next level. It would allow me to do all of the things I want to do so much faster.


I'm still going to get there regardless.

I am super grateful to be able to move onto the next round and to get the opportunity for this person to listen to my idea, even if it is through a video submission. To be even considered for the second round is a blessing.

But how many slots are available? What are my chances of truly getting this slot?

Do I think I deserve this slot? Oh absolutely.

But that's just my opinion. Everyone thinks they deserve the slot. Everyone in the second round definitely has reasons why they would deserve the slot.

Am I going to be heartbroken if I don't get it? It'll sting a little, but I'll move on.

Our plan doesn't revolve around this opportunity. We don't need this opportunity to succeed. We will succeed. It just depends on when you all see this.

What year did you read this post in?

Why did you even click on this random date?

Why are you even reading this?

How did you even find out about this blog?

Is it cocky of me to ask these questions with the assumptions people will be coming from the future to read it? I would say yes.

But is it cockiness or confidence?

I honestly feel from the bottom of my heart there is going to be so much value that comes from Simplex Minds. In my mind we will succeed because Simplex Minds has so much to offer as a brand. We have so much room for growth and possibilities are endless.

What are we doing in 2022? Already figuring that out.

What are we doing in 2023? The picture is getting clearer.

If I get this opportunity, 2023-2024 will be the tipping point. Simplex Minds will be exponentially larger than where it is currently. I guess 2x2 is technically exponential too...

but! I already have plans for where I want to expand into if given the opportunity that will grow this community ten-fold.

Hell, even if I don't get the opportunity we'll get there.

I believe in this project so damn much. What I'm trying to do has been recognized and has raised the interest in people who have probably read thousands of other applications. People who understand opportunity and potential.

We'll see what happens with this scholarship opportunity. I really want it. But it's okay if I don't get it.

If you are some random person who I do not know personally that is reading this months, years after I published this, then I'm getting to where I want to be.

This is just another stepping stone to where I want to get to. Confirmation of concept and idea is good enough from me. Everything after this is extra.

I have so much in store for Simplex Minds. The features we are posting are going to be the base of everything that comes in the future. This is still only the beginning. Year 2 of Simplex Minds is looking good so far.

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