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A Conversation with Sierra Boyd

Questions facilitated by Avia Bateman

Photograph provided by Sierra Boyd

Hi Sierra, please give us a brief introduction of yourself as a creator, what do you do?

Hello Avia <3,

As a creator, I like to experiment and give myself challenges. But mostly I like to create because it's a way of using my voice and a reflection of my personality.

What is your medium? (i.e., drawing, photography)

Poetry, photography, and painting.

How often do you engage in your medium(s)?

I write almost every day not full-on poems but phrases that pop into my head when my mind is racing. Sometimes I can write a poem in one sitting if I am really passionate, but mostly it takes a while for it to feel complete. I have been starting to paint more on my off days as a date with my creativity, and taking pictures is more of a habit like writing. I like taking pictures or videos of things and moments that move me. I LOVE FILM CAMERAS AND CAMCORDERS!

A couple of photographs taken on Sierra Boyd's film camera.

What is the inspiration behind your work?

I think what ties all of my mediums together is my fascination for nature and human life, also my desire to feel understood and seen. I think nature is my roots though, I notice the main things I take pictures/ videos of are of nature when I write I mostly speak of the fluctuations of human emotions (like when I am happy, sad, angry or need intimacy). I have tried to paint things other than nature but I think it's more of my heart to paint nature! All of them flow for me and that's how I know it's something that I am meant to explore and experiment with.

Here's one of Sierra's favorite poems she's written:

Chameleon in Camouflage

You know the feeling…

we all know the feeling…

when your chameleon is in camouflage.

When your mind turns its back on what your heart desires,

biting your tongue to mute any utter of sound and holding your breath in fear to expand your lungs in a world that feels too tight to exhale.

At some point, we’re all chameleons committing self-betrayal.

When you look into the mirror and dull eyes meet yours, self-neglect oozing from your pores, and you feel not a soul can detect any scent of your sadness.

Sometimes we salt the earth with tears of madness, masters of disguise, magicians of lies in a struggle to return to our unique vibrancy, cradled by the illusion of safety in isolation, for some of us it’s instinct to hide from the world but unable to hide from what festers within, but we must forgive ourselves…. when we become chameleons in camouflaged skin.

Why is creative expression important to you?

Creative expression is important to me because I struggle with communicating how I feel sometimes and when I am in a creative space it's like I gain my power back by expressing how I feel through it. Creative expression uplifts. One time I was feeling so depressed but that dissolved when I put on my headphones and started painting. With this expression, I feel bold and it teaches me not to judge myself so much because creative expression is like the phrase I got from my cousin's father: "do you, be you, stay you".

What is your step-by-step process when you are engaging in your work (i.e., pen and paper, a nice view...)?

The #1 thing I always need is my headphones to listen to music, it helps to get lost. Always need sunlight and a lovely view is always a plus :)

What was your favorite project you worked on and why?

I really have been loving painting lately, I love all of my 3 nature paintings because they've taught me three things: Don't panic when you make mistakes! Things won't always turn out the way you want it to! Be patient with yourself without pressure and things will always turn out fine! I think they're the best I have ever painted because I just let it go if I messed up.

A painting designed by Sierra Boyd.

What have you found is the best setting for you to write or take pictures (i.e., outside, inside, any time, any place) and why?

For painting, outside in the sun is where it lol, for writing though I am all over the place. To be honest I like writing the most in my notes (on my phone) underneath the covers. Love nature pictures so outside are great, I always like taking pictures of people that I love so being around that setting I enjoy too.

A photo taken by Avia Bateman of Sierra Boyd.

Where do you see yourself in life and work 10 years from now?

No clue but I hope I will be doing something I love. I hope I am always surrounded by beauty. I hope I make peace with the fact that I may never figure this life thing out haha.

How does your engagement in creative expression inspire your perceptions of yourself and others?

I see myself in my most beautiful state when I am creating something. When I get deeper into creation I am able to see that beauty in other people when they are creating and I am always in awe of how different creativity is for different people. I think the quickest way to each other's hearts is when we all share what we create. I think that inspiration is a pretty intimate thing!

A photo of Sierra and one of her favorite people.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Putting pressure on yourself for things to be perfect really does mess with the authenticity of what you create. I would say if you start to feel like you don't want to mess up, allow yourself to because you get even more creative! Oooorr take a step back to calm yourself because at the end of the day, it doesn't have to define who you are, your art is just an extension of you and can change. Just create <3

Thank you for participating, do you have anything that I may have missed?

No ma'am loved these questions <3 <3


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