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Alan Schaller

If there was a photographer that I aspire to be the most, it’s Alan Schaller. Alan has modernized what black and white street photography is. The mix of complex compositions and the use of clear black and white photos are spectacular.

Funny story, he is the main reason why I bought my Leica camera. During one of his interviews, he laughs about how having a black and white camera is weird to others, but for him it lets him create the way he wants. Just the style of black and white inspires him and unbinds him from the annoyance of color. Believe it or not, color is a type of composition and is a huge part of photography. When you strip color from the photo, you’re essentially forced to think about your subjects and composition in a different way. Having a tool that only shoots in black and white compared to converting to color inhibits you from the experience of composing for Black and White.

I know for myself when I see color photography I would always gravitate towards it and have black and white as a secondary choice. Alan has been shooting black and white photography for years, I’m barely approaching my 1 year and I feel as if I only scratched the surface. I will say going from color to black and white is hard, but I also find it rewarding. I’ve always been into doing something different and I’m glad Alan Schaller inspires me to do just that.


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