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Andre D. Wagner

Not sure how to start on Andre, but man, his work is insane. The ability to document and connect within his community paired with his creative eye is unique.

Who is he, if you’re asking? This man is a photographer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Is Andre a film photographer and his choice of tool? Leica M6. What a beautiful tool if I say so myself. He is a Leica ambassador who has published a book called “ Here For The Ride,” which showcases his journey in the New York Subways. Man has also done many solo exhibitions interviews with New York Times, residences, and publications.

Andre’s work is simple, yet his work is rooted more profound than what we see. He connects to his community. In all the posed street photography photos, you can see clearly that the people in those photos are comfortable with Andre. The connection outside the images makes Andre’s work so striking yet straightforward.

The documentary-style street photography that Andre does is what inspires me. The compositions he uses are focused on isolation, where there is generally one person of interest. When others are included in his photos, they look typically away from the picture, which brings you closer to the subject he has isolated in his frame. In addition, the included a black and white feeling of the photos adds a layer of timelessness, forcing you to focus on the subjects with no distraction of color. Andre utilizes black and white to bring out human emotions in his photos.

Another great example is his use of isolation. The photo shows that the street is busy with many moving subjects throughout the frame, but he specifically isolated these two teenagers where the woman is holding the man with her hand. There’s a sense of story between these two which adds to the composition. Utilizing the pole to cut the frame allows somewhat of a windowed view between the interaction.

Andre D. Wager, a legend, street photographer, New Yorker, teacher, and others, encouraged me to pick up my camera. Andre is a unique photographer who is a street photographer and understands his community. His camera is an extension of himself by documenting the ever-changing feeling of life.


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