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Another turning point approaches | 4.21.22

It has been a while since the last time I wrote a journal on here.

We are currently in the middle of the 2nd season and things are flowing well. The teams have gotten into our flow and the content is rolling out.

Our new writers (Pat, Isabella, Avia, and Jocelyn) have been introducing us to a lot of cool new creatives who I personally had no clue existed and I've learned a lot. It's been really cool to see. We've even been getting some interactions from the creatives we've been writing about. It's awesome to see that the content gets to them.

The season 1 team (Me, Ricky, Carissa, and Mia) have been working on projects that are a bit outside of our comfort zone that we've been meaning to do, but just haven't done.

But, that's not what this post is about.

We'll see all the amazing content in the coming weeks, no doubt.


It just feels like this is another turning point in Simplex Minds. We are building this vast library of features of different creatives. From music, to photography, to graphic design, to writing. We have learned countless things from creatives within different mediums.

and this is all from an outside view. We haven't contacted anyone... yet. That was the plan tho.


How can we contact these amazing creatives with vast portfolios without a portfolio ourselves? hmmmmmm.....

I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

There's still a lot that needs to be done before we get to that point.

First we need to apply as an LLC.

Then we need to set up business emails for the team for legitimacy purposes.

BUT we need a way to pay for the emails.

(Business emails need to be paid for.... apparently)

So we need to set up a business account.

Then that means we need some way to make money for money to come back into the newly formed "company".

A lot needs to be done, but the route is there. I have a lot of ideas cooking up for Simplex Minds.

I have ideas for this next year. Ideas for in 5 years. Ideas for 10-15 years. Just need to work our way to get those spots.

Legit, if done correctly I don't think there's a ceiling for this project. If all goes well, you'll be seeing a Simplex Minds motion graphic before some of your favorite films in the future. You'll be seeing Simplex Minds collectables on resale markets. You'll be seeing people casually wearing Simplex Minds clothing on the streets.

It's a huge and probably unrealistic dream, but I want Simplex Minds to be what Disney could have been if it focused on creativity instead of profits. Pretty bold statement lmaoooo. A statement anybody will roll their eyes too.

But who knows.

It probably won't happen, but Imma work towards it. Am I gonna be disappointed if we don't get there? Absolutely not.

Am I going to be disappointed if we don't ever get to these crazy, unrealistic dreams I am putting down right here? Hell nah.

I'm already proud that we're getting to this point. I will gladly ride this ship until it can't go anymore as long as the people who are on this ship get to the destination they want to get to. Simplex Minds is supposed to be a vehicle to learn and develop. To take chances and be real with the process. Whatever we are able to achieve in the coming years is going to be a blessing.

There's going to be so many hurdles in my way. So many that I can't see or have any clue are in front of me. Everything that we're doing is foreign ground for me, but it's where I want to be. I want to learn the soil and build upon it. I want to see what happens when you give people the chance to make work with the goal of experimenting and learning instead of achieving.

This is what I want to do with my life and it's crazy that I have that clarity. I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life. I've always dove into so many different things. I've enjoyed being creative with many different mediums, but I've never really been passionate about any. I love seeing amazing work in any medium. I love learning about little quirks in each medium that allows me to appreciate that work just a little bit more.

I want to shine light on those little things that creatives do for others to really appreciate their work. I want others to learn from that and be able to add that to their work. I want this to be a community that just promotes growth.

Simplex Minds has so much potential. I'm not going to compromise it. I promise to you that I will never change it simply to chase a bag. I'm writing this to you as a 26 year old, 2nd gen filipino-american who still lives at home with his parents. I have a full-time job while building this. Not a well-paying one at that. The money I make is being reinvested into this.

This is where I believe my future is. I could be delusional. I don't care. I just want to see where this ends up.

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