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Beginnings Project: Mia Ballesteros

Whew, who knew beginnings would be such a hard concept to grasp??

Well, for me at least.

As with any project, this one definitely took some twists and turns throughout the process. I ended up purchasing my first film camera about halfway through working on this project and I decided that I would document my first step into my journey with film photography. I wanted to showcase my life, my friends, my experiences, all the things that I usually like to keep private in a way that really spoke to me, through photography. Freezing moments in time at a place in my life where everything feels like it's racing by always provides a bit of clarity to me and that's what I wanted to share with you. Instead of honing in on other people and their beginnings, I focused solely on myself and my life's beginnings for once. I think that's the key here, focusing on yourself once in a while is so important and necessary to learn more about your own beginnings. I absolutely fell in love with the outcome and I hope you do too.

Everyone has their own concept of beginnings. I can only hope this project provided a small insight into mine. What does yours look like?




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