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What's good? I'm RICKY LEGEND and I'm a D.I.Y type of guy. I'm an independent music artist *cough* find me on Spotify *cough*. I produce my own music and perform it. I'm an audio mixing and mastering engineer that helps local and upcoming artists develop their musicianship and sound to have competitive-quality audio that can be played back to back with bigger artists, no problem. I also perform with the amazing bands, 4th & Orange and sundiver ca. Currently, I'm working on creating a sort of independent label/community to help the Inland Empire grow and compete with bigger music cities...but that's a long term goal of mine. I also do a bit of graphic design, web development, drawing, painting, coding, etc.

I'm very glad to be part of Simplex Minds and looking forward to sharing things that I geek out about and hopefully along the way, you get to know me better as well. My goals for this season are:

  • help people understand the sometimes misunderstood artists and the underappreciated artists

  • learn the root and basic philosophies of such artists that other people can apply to their lives

  • have a place to geek out with other music lovers

  • help other d.i.y. musicians grow and achieve their goals by studying some of my favorite artists and sharing my research

These are just the basic goals for this season. Depending on how things go, hopefully we'll be able to share even more this season. If not, there's always more seasons ahead. So here are some of my extra/future goals with Simplex Minds:

  • share my personal journey of starting as a completely independent artist and what i’ve learned

  • share my growth as a mixing engineer and helping other local bands grow

  • build a community of independent musicians through Simplex Minds

  • I'm often asked for advice by my local music friends and I would like to share those tips and tricks with everyone

Looking forward to this season. I hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to follow Simplex Minds and Troy, Carissa, Mia, and myself on social media to stay updated and learn more about us :)


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