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Hi, I'm Jocelyn! I'm a designer based in Los Angeles.


I’m a graphic designer, product photographer and photo editor. I love being a creative for many reasons, but design and photography are my favorite forms of communication. It is found everywhere around us, from packaging to street signs to the clothes we wear. I believe that design is a universal language that transcends all language barriers. To be able to connect and communicate with others through something that was designed, shot and created is very beautiful.

During my season at simplex, I want to grow and learn as much as possible by honing new skills through creative projects. I would like to explore new ideas and mediums that will expand my creativity such as brand packaging, print and sketching. As a designer and individual, I would like to learn to clearly communicate myself better through verbal, visual and written communication. I’m also a hermit at heart and would like to break that shell by being more vulnerable with everyone. To unapologetically express myself and my art. I look forward to connecting and learning with everyone through our creative journeys.



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