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I decided to finally vlog

For these projects, the prompt was to simply go for the project that you've always been meaning to get to.

For me, that was to make a video for YouTube. Pretty simple, but also just something I've been putting off.

We tried to create journals to document the progress of our projects. For me, I fell off with it. I really fell off with the project to be honest. I was so caught up in other projects and work that I just didn't want to start this project.

Here's the journal.

Overall, I'm happy with the result. I did what I intended, but it was starting that was so tough. I don't know what it is, starting any project is the toughest for me. But once I get going, I get going.

The project really got started at the end of April. The deadline was coming up and I had to figure something out. The idea before the idea to vlog my Year 27 week was to vlog myself setting up Simplex Minds as a legal entity.

I wanted to vlog that. It's not the most exciting thing, but it's a huge milestone. The plan was to screen record the paper work and film the different steps I have to take in order to finally open up a business banking account. But, as time passed, the deadline came closer and I was still pending review on the initial application to turn Simplex Minds into an LLC. It is still pending as of right now.

I thought about what else to do and I decided to just film my birth week. I was really busy that week and had a lot of interesting things happening. I was going to film my trip anyway, so might as well do it. The only thing that made it tough was that the video was due Tuesday and I flew back to my hometown on Monday.

Now having an idea, I had to figure out how to vlog this week.

I decided to just write down every single action I would be doing that week and have that as a shot list. You can see it in the journal.

Day 1, I filmed the first shots on the shot list. Then I imported and edited that footage. Found a good song and tried to figure out how the video will be going afterwards. I added in some text into the edit to get a feel for the flow of the video and got this for the initial day.

Then from there on out, after I was done with whatever the plans were for the day, I'd import my footage and edit that footage into the timeline. I'd probably spend about 2 hours or so every night to just edit that footage.

Sunday to Thursday went relatively smooth. Although, on Thursday I stayed up until 4:30AM editing. But I was on eastern time, so like 1:30AM PST. Not bad, but it also just made the next few days that much tougher.

Saturday, on my actual birthday, I didn't film shit. I couldn't bring my camera out because we were going to the Broccoli City Music Festival. All we did that day was get dim sum and just stay in the rain for hours watching talented musicians. I thought just having snap recordings would have sufficed, but I didn't even download my story at the end of the day.

When I got home on Monday, it was crunch time. I had to edit the rest of the footage and I think I left off after the National Art Museum.

I found out I didn't have footage I thought I had and had to make do with what I had. I had to make some audibles and film some clips in order for the flow of the project to be better. But, I got it done.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results of the project. I procrastinated a lot with this project, which in general is a pretty bad thing to do. I put myself up against the clock and got it done. I knew I would get it done, but it just caused a lot more headaches than I wanted.

What have I learned?

1. Plan it out

This was the first time I actually planned out a vlog and that made the process of this video so much easier. I knew what to film and made me more confident with the edit. In my previous vlog series, the Japan Vlogs, I just filmed whatever and whenever. It made the editing process so much more tedious because I didn't film with the edit in mind. But, at the same time nothing was really planned. I didn't do any research and kind of just let myself see everything for the first time.

Just different processes for different videos. But, planning this one out made a world of difference.

2. Make deadlines shorter

I gave myself too much time to create one video. It just allowed me to procrastinate and procrastinate more. I need to have videos be created in either 1 or 2 weeks. Nothing more than that because then I just wait until the last minute.

3. Let it fly and have fun with it

I'm honestly still scared to put myself out there and make videos for the hell of it. I hate getting judged by others, but it's just part of life. I never really share my work or promote any of it. It doesn't do me any good. I just need to let go of that pressure and just let it fly.



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