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In a whirlpool full of creators and photographers, Cohen's photography has stood out out to me like no other. Heavily inspired by cinema and Americana, cohen captures women through a surreal and glamorous lens. Apart from her surreal world she evokes, Cohen also prefers to leave a trace of mystery behind her photography. She prefers to leave all lines of communication open, where we ultimately have to think for ourselves.


Born in 1992, Cohen was raised on an isolated farm in the English countryside. In 2011 Cohen attended the London College of Fashion and began studying photography. Cohen first caught the worlds attention at age 22, when she won the National Portrait ­Gallery’s Taylor Wessing ­Portrait Prize. Which involved a dog costume from The Shining which inspired Cohen to create the portrait American Nightmare.

In 2015 Cohen graduated from the London College of Fashion and made her second trip to America to begin her personal series 100 Naked Women as a direct response to the rise of online female censorship. She carefully selects the women to feature, stages scenes and constructs narratives for each girl to act out the character she has previously imagined. The few images that have been released from the naked women series have sparked interest amongst numerous publications from The Huffington Post to The New York Magazine.

100 Naked Women

"The female form has always fascinated me and featured predominantly in my work; therefore it was important for me to embark upon a project that allowed me to explore this"


100 Naked Women

"I started shooting 100 Naked Women mainly because I am female and have my own insecurities. Having been photographed in a state of nudity in the past, I discovered it to be curiously liberating and wanted to offer this experience to others."

Now based in LA, she has shot high-profile campaigns for fashion brands Miu Miu, and music videos for artists including A$AP Rocky and Kali Uchis.


After the Storm - Directed by Nadia Lee Cohen

Purely in terms of visuals, Nadia’s photography can be seen as melodramatic in its richly over-saturated hues. In addition to the tonal contrast between colors, there’s also the contrast between the colors themselves which give that very dramatic effect. As a product photographer and photo editor, I am obsessed with applying the same setting and techniques to create contrast to dramatize the products we want to sell to the consumer. As a long time admirer, I am eager to see what Cohen has in store for us.

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