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Isabella June

Medium: Photographer/Digital Creator


I am a chronic daydreamer.

No really, I live in my own world.

I once went swimming as a child into the digital realm.

Now, I am 22 years old and still haven’t left that pool.

In fact, I’ve touched the bottom of it and swam back up multiple times.

I would play my favorite songs and imagine what images, colors,

and people would best suit the vibrancy of the music.

My brain would just create these series of mini movies.

Picking up my camera has led me to so many different corners

of exploring different creatives and lifestyles.

The ability to see life in images and edits

translated well for me in the professional world.

Mostly because it isn't something I can just "turn off".

I get to work and play in beautiful Southern California.

I look forward to sharing some corners of creatives this season.

So with much admiration and love, cheers to Simplex Minds.


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