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Met Gala, I Love You.

Every year since 2018, there has been an agenda to perfectly capture the essence of each theme for the Met Gala. The ability to make an event seamlessly into a short film all on the spot is incredible. Vogue has given a video booth an entirely new meaning for us.

The image on the left is a still from Patrick Golan, the director of photography. The set is different every year, designed by David White. These films are all directed by the one and only Bardia Zeinali. Who first worked with Vogue but then proceeded to become a freelance Director ( then edited with Modern Post; who are well-known for editing high fashion video work. Collaborating with brands such as Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Tiffany & Co, etc.

I only know all of this after years of keeping up with these videos on Instagram. Deep diving to learn that the best things have the greatest teams.

I don't know how the process of creating these videos go in real life. I wish there was some type of step by step vlog where you could see all of the behind the scenes chaos and excitement of shoot day - aka the met gala. But that just doesn't seem to exist as of now. Every year my fascination with these video booths has me binging through the internet for hours because I love having the inside scoop of how it's done. So I thought with the 2022 Met Gala approaching in a few days, it would be only right to pay an homage to these reminiscent shorts.

Going back to last year, the theme was celebrating all things American, "A Lexicon of Fashion". The clips were melted together with sounds of melodic tunes and inspiring speeches of moving forward

- then cut with funk. Something to remind you that you are indeed watching fashion in a city where "People don't own cars, they own clothes". (Vogue, I Love New York.) Cutting to those dance break clips, they are fast paced, cut to zoomed in shots that waiver over the extravagant details of beloved figures, who are displayed as exhibitions on their very own.

They have the perfect balance of elegance and fun. Modern & Classic.

There is always something so intriguing to me to see that contrast. It makes for an animated dynamic blend in the shots.

You see the hours of work and preparation that took place in the tiniest of places - down to the sparkle in an Oscar De La Renta dress.

Cinema holds so much power to elevating our experiences. Vogue nails the vibe every single time. I’m never not impressed with the execution. With the 2022 Met Gala approaching, I am eager to see fun and beauty with what crew throws at their audience. There is a lot to learn even if there isn’t much “Behind the Scenes” information about these projects. And I am ready to soak in another year.


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