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My Season 2 Goals

It’s time for a new season, and with that there’s new goals. Sort of. With the team expanding, our roles have evolved and now we are going to try some new and exciting things. Of course, while keeping the good old blog posts but now written by a new talented team.

I know I said new goals but in reality, at least for me, my goals remain relatively the same. Yes, I did accomplish them on Season 1 however, these goals are never ending. There’s no finality to them. I do want to add more, though. So, let’s talk about how I plan to keep my goals and what my new goals are.

First goal: helping other D.I.Y. artists achieve their dreams. Currently, I’m working with a band called The Frolics and we’re working on getting their music out there. It’s been a long process, but we’re really close to making that happen. I do want to help more bands next year and guide them through the confusing world of being an independent musician.

Second goal: continue to have a place to geek out. By this, of course I mean Simplex Minds. It’s been a great place for me to get as nerdy as I’d like with no fear. Last Season I geeked out on a way that it is still relatable or somewhat interesting to the masses but next season I plan to go full-on geek. I do want to dive deeper into what I do in my career. Making music, managing my music and career online, and lastly, audio mixing, which I know most people don’t know what it is, and I must explain every time but it’s my favorite thing in the world…probably.

Third goal: show my journey as an independent artist. Even though, that is sort of mentioned in the last goal, this is its own thing. I’ve been an independent artist for about a year now and proud of what I have accomplished in one year! Of course, the little progress I have made hasn’t been out of nowhere. I had to go through the music life for the past ten years and take some big L’s but also a lot of great lessons. All that experience brewed a new project with more focus, more goal driven. That project is RICKY LEGEND. Like I said, it’s about to be about a year for that project and I couldn’t be prouder. Next year will be even bigger. On a side note, this project is what inspired me to help other D.I.Y. artists so they don’t go taking some big L’s and learning things the hard way. I want these artists to have complete control of their music careers without the guesswork. All in the name of music. If bands have more power and control over their music and careers, there will be better music where fans make artists, not big corporations. Which leads to my fourth goal.

Fourth goal: build a supporting community of independent musicians and creatives. This is a long-term goal that I’ve slowly been working towards. Also, Troy offered to help out and that he has been doing. He’s helping develop what hopefully one day will be a big community of local creatives. That project is called SUPERNOVA STAR. It’s in its infancy but I do plan to work towards it next year, with some ambitious projects cooked up by Troy and yours truly.

Now time for my new goals for next season.

Fifth goal: show the world more of who I am. All these projects are awesome but even though I put my art out there, I always hide myself behind a screen. People only know me from my art, but I don’t really show who the person behind the art is, at least on a personal level. My goal is to show my personality more. My way of thinking. My sense of humor. Me as a human being.

Sixth goal: network, network, network. Most of my successes this year have been due to meeting specific people. I’ve never been into networking but that was because I always looked it as a superficial thing where people are usually looking for an outcome. However, if you are worth nothing to their career or goals than they don’t want anything to do with you. Well, I was wrong. It’s just about meeting people doing the things your love and if, and only if, something comes out of it naturally, then there you go. To me, that’s my definition of networking. It’s not as bad as I used to think. Working with others is what has helped me progress a lot this year and I plan to do a lot more of that.

Seventh goal: more content. This goes back to my firth goal a bit. I usually don’t post much content just because I’m not very comfortable with sharing stuff on a more personal level. However, I have a bunch of great ideas for content that quite honestly, I haven’t worked on them out of discomfort. However, discomfort is the first step to improving and being the best version of yourself. I want to try more of that.

That’s it. These are my goals for Season 2. I’m really looking forward to it. We got new and exciting things coming your way. With that, we are also going to grow as a result. I can’t wait to see who we become.


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