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Patrick Ramos Intro


My name is Patrick Ramos; I am a Street photographer who specializes in black and white photography. For me, photography is about documenting the real, quirky, and genuine side of people. Having a camera that can freeze a frame that can be used to showcase the rawness of humanity is insane power.

Photography has always been a part of my life since I was a little boy. Growing up, I would see hundreds upon hundreds of photos of my relatives and myself. It always impressed me to see how much life has changed looking at the photo. Seeing these photos always encouraged me to document life. Take pictures or videos with friends and family all the time. As these memories are forever eternalized. There will be a photo of that memory till the end of time possibly.

Now with black and white street photography, this is my signature. Black and white photos help bring out the actual subject the photographer is trying to portray. There's no color gimmicks, no colorful editing, just that grayscale. I find it helps simplify my photography—just no worry about white balance, color, just gray. Street photography, to me, is a combination of documenting ordinary people but realizing how society interacts with the environment. A concept of photography that gets misunderstood compared to other genres. Maybe a part of me wants to address street photography in a way that deserves the recognition it should receive.


  • Challenge myself to take one photo a day

  • To fully comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of B/W photography

  • Not allowing outside opinions to affect my work


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