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Season 2 Goals!!

As this new Season begins, we have brought in 4 more extremely talented creatives. We have a total of 8 team members now. The dynamic going into this season is completely different than the last.

During the 1st season, it was an alpha test. I asked friends to join me on this endeavor of promoting process and growth. We went into it with no pressures on us. It was just us putting out work that we wanted to. We geeked out and just shared it with whoever was willing to read. We were just trying to figure it out. Everything was new to us.

This coming season is going to be a bit different. The season 1 team is moving on to actual projects that involve the mediums we work in. We, the season 1 team, won’t be writing features this season. The incoming Season 2 team that you will be introduced to in the coming days, will be the ones geeking out and bringing you into their creative world.

With this season there’s a lot more responsibility on my back. I’m bringing in 4 new creatives into this space and leading them. Two of them I’ve known before the season, two others are completely new friends. They see the value in this platform that we are trying to build and are willing to sacrifice some of their time in order to help us out. I need to make sure I put forth something of value for them and make sure they don’t feel like they’re wasting their time at Simplex.

With a completely new dynamic for this upcoming season, I need to put forth new goals.

My first goal is to be a strong leader throughout this next season. I have 7 people who are now working with me on this project and I can’t let them down. It’s the least I can do. I want to end Season 2 with the utmost trust and confidence from my peers.

My second goal is to push myself further out of my comfort level. It’s tough for me to want to push towards a place of uncomfortability. I don’t even have my last name really attached to this project. The reasons for which I still need to understand myself.

So what does that even mean?

I think it means putting my face out there more to the people I don’t know. To allow myself to be viewed by the public. To allow myself to be vulnerable and open to y’all. There’s a lot of vulnerability that comes with Simplex, can’t build this to where it needs to be if I’m not living the ethos we’re trying to promote.

My third goal is to help curate a strong 2nd season. As of writing this (12.06.21), it feels like we’ll have a strong 2nd season. There is a lot that still needs to be figured out. 2nd half season content, scheduling, and everything else that comes with it.

My fourth goal is to get the instagram page to 500 followers and to get the Youtube page up and running.

Fuck it, one more goal. Let’s try to get a dollar back into this project. Whether that means sponsorship, partnerships, adsense, merchandise, whatever. Money needs to start coming back in.

We went into Season 1 with no expectations and no pressures. We are coming out of Season 1 with ambitions for bigger and better things for this coming season and for seasons to come. We need to start thinking bigger and putting our comfort to the side in order to create something bigger. Simplex Minds has so much potential, that I need to really take this seriously as a business and a brand. I’ve been slacking since the end of the first season. Time to take it up another gear and push ourselves to do something great.

Those are my goals for the 2nd season. When the season ends we’ll come back to this and see what we have achieved. Can’t wait to introduce y’all to our newest team. Dope things are coming this season. Season 2 is almost here. Hope you’re as hyped as we are.

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