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Sharing Creativity Through Fashion: The Known about Unknown Vlogs

The Known about Unknown Vlogs

With creativity seen on a daily basis, this week I wanted to focus on the fashion side. Often when people think of creativity they may not directly think of clothing. However, I wanted to showcase the ingenuity, uniqueness and self-expression that it represents as evident by one of my favorite fashion YouTuber's, Unknown Vlogs. While this is the name of his channel, he actually goes by the name of Kofi McCalla. He is a fashion content creator on YouTube and owns his own brand called,

Kofi started off as a law student in London, but always was interested in fashion as a different outlet. Around 2016, he got more into fashion and started to film his own videos that he would watch for his own pleasure at home. In getting more into fashion, he became interested in brand names such as Rick Owens and Supreme when it was more popular a few years back. He is in a sense considered a Hypebeast, and some of his content is surrounded by that". What a Hypebeast is basically is, is a person who is interested in collecting and gathering fashionable clothing and shoes. Oftentimes, his content surrounds different high fashion clothing and attending different upscale fashion shows. While he does focus on the up-scale fashion, his content surrounding everyday people in London for example, is what I enjoy watching most.

The content on Kofi's YouTube page where he interacts with different people in terms of asking them questions about their outfits, are some of my favorite content that he produced.

How much is your outfit?

The question, "How much is your outfit? " , is a question that Kofi asks different people on his YouTube channel. Sometimes he asks questions to celebrities or other people walking down the street or collaborations. For example, in one of his videos, he did a collaboration with Drake while hanging out with him backstage during one of Drake's O2 tours in 2019. In this video, it shows off the million dollar fit that Drake was slightly flexing as well as his crew. While Drake isn't the only celebrity that he has captured in his vlogs like A$AP Ferg and Gunna. Below you can click the click to witness the drip yourself. :)

What are you wearing today?

"What are you wearing today?". However, my favorite YouTube question that he asks is, "What are you wearing today?". In this video he walks down the streets of London (or wherever he is traveling at the time) and asks random people what they are wearing. In an interview by The Red Bulletin (2021), he mentioned that his inspiration behind this video concept was due to the coronavirus lockdown. He wanted to create a way that engaged others in terms of different interactions by checking in on others as well as looking at the different outfits.

What I enjoy is the difference people have in their personal style and what stands out the most is something that is unique and what I haven't seen before. I always enjoy seeing the new fits that everyone is wearing, as it gives me inspiration for my wardrobe and editing in a way that fits my own personal style. To get fit inspiration from different parts of the globe, click below. :)

How he makes the complex look simple

Throughout the process of filming these videos the Youtuber struggles with finding people that want to be filmed. What I and the rest of his viewers see is all the people saying yes to the interviews. He is expressed in a few of his videos the process behind even getting people to want to be in the videos is a lot more difficult than it looks because, us as the audience get to just see a compilation of different individuals and their lovely outfits, and not those that turn down wanting to be in the videos. I also admire his confidence and willingness to get out of his comfort zone, as it takes a lot to just approach random people about their outfits. In addition, being open to the fact that he might be rejected.

While I love seeing everyone's outfits, I also love seeing how he is able to interact with different people and also hold conversations just to get to know them better. I remember in one of his videos he was asking someone about what question they want to ask to tell the next set of people that he approaches. I think that this offers a unique part of his videos and also sparks different conversations. That even though he captures the differences in styles, but as well as different conversations.

Personal Experience

I came across Unknown Vlogs’ channel over the beginning of quarantine. That was a time that I was trying to find my own personal style, that was functional, timeless and not trendy but my own. I started with always going with the basic neutral colors, such as black white and brown because that was the ”trend”. Don’t get me wrong, basics do help pull outfits together, but I realized for me it was too boring, that it was too much like everyone else. What his channel taught me curating a wardrobe to fit your own body, style and overall vibe. I like to wear pieces that stand out, such as colorful shoes, pants, jackets or accessories, but making the whole fit cohesive. Also, I realized it doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you are confident in it and you feel good. Below are some fits that I've created based on inspiration from Kofi's videos and being able to reuse pieces to create fits.

Clos(th)ing Thoughts (See what I did there ;))

Overall, I enjoy watching Kofi's videos. I think that they are unique in terms of the content that he produces, and I haven't seen a channel that does the same thing, unless it is emulating some of the content he has already produced. I am excited to see the work that he comes up with years from now, and the diversities or changes that come with fashion and style. I think that his content will always remain relevant, as the world continues to develop and innovate new ways to personalize styles.


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