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Stardust and HunnyBee - Let's start at the roots

Veronica (@witchyhippy_moonchild) is someone who emulates their art.

Vibrant, eye-catching, bold, and constantly evolving. Her art is in various mediums such as painting, drawing, and dancing. You name it.

I’d imagine her art to place you in a room. Within that room you are presented with a projector. Playing on the screen is a plethora of colors. She didn’t miss a single hue.

Along with the tidal waves of pigment, you can feel a warm presence of strong passion. Beyond the colors and movement, there is always something so captivating when art replicates the aura of an individual. Having the chance to be able to unravel the layered process of Veronica and her mission with Stardust and HunnyBee was both refreshing and inspiring.

She began her art journey at a very young age. She told me she has been an artist for as long as she could remember. As a kid who is creative, there is always a pivotal moment that jump starts your passion. Her’s was stress at home. A lot of her early experiences when creating her world of art began with the Boys & Girls club. She described those art classes to be extremely powerful to her at the time. Through trying times she ran to her art, nothing else mattered when she was in the zone. She began to draw the portal that led her to her world of art. Shaping her creative personality, she formed a strong connection.

Through this connection she was surrounded by a strong support system within the Boys & Girls club. From there, Veronica began to enter art competitions. Found that she could go far if she pushed herself. Winning on National levels. .

One thing led to another and next thing you know she was asked to paint a friend's longboard. It was a piece inspired by The Grateful Dead. You can imagine how exciting that color palette was. Gradually she was asked to design more and more longboards following The Grateful Dead esque.

Now we are coming full circle. Veronica took her passion and ran full speed.

She created the brand, Stardust & HunnyBee in 2018. Her goal is to be able to provide teens/underdeveloped youth a safe place for them to express their art to their fullest potential. Teaching them different avenues of art, learning skills, and passion for new aged art.

"I want there to be a safe place where someone can come in here and say I am going to sit down and learn how to do xyz"

She then proceeded to pursue a line of work on becoming an art teacher (there's the full circle) as well as a dance instructor. Pretty bad ass if you ask me.

Back to pivotal moments, I think there is something so special when an artist gives back to their community by intentionally creating places and curriculum for others to learn from.

Veronica resides in San Francisco now and her work is evolving more than ever. She offers art classes, dance classes, custom longboards, and overall the best energy. Inspiring myself and so many individuals around her to go after your dreams even when the going gets tough.

There is so much vibrancy in her passion and it translates to her work so effortlessly. Her passion and character both hold a lot of strength. San Francisco is that much brighter with an art-savvy mission like Stardust&Hunnybee's.

- Isabella June


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