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This could potentially turn into my career and that's crazy.

Can I just say how excited I am with this project?! Like legit, whenever I am given the opportunity to speak about my aim and drive with this project it just cements itself further into my mind that, if done well & correct, this is what I want to and can work on for the next 20 years. Building this platform and community is what I want to do.

Earlier today my uncle who is always doing something new visited. He asked me what was new with me and I decided to tell him about this project. He's like right in between my parents and me age-wise and is genuinely curious. So I told him what I was doing with this project, why I was doing it, and what's vision I see with this.

I spoke to him for a while just going off on what the big vision is. What our goals were for the initial season. What we are doing for the first season. What my aims are for 5 years, 10 years, and so on.

I legit could've talked about Simplex Minds for hours non-stop. But, I tried to condense it since we were also with the rest of the family.

But, when I spoke about it to my uncle it just kept clicking in my head that this is what I want to do and that going for this is actually feasible.

Simplex has been a word that has been very close to me since 2013. In 2013, I came up with the word just trying to come up with an apparel brand. Simplex was more about aesthetics than anything else. Ended up not getting into clothing (glad I didn't do it) but stayed absurdly connected to the word.

"Make the complex look simple."

That is what Simplex meant to me. That's what I aimed for. That's what I wanted to do with every project of mine. When I do something, I want to make the complex look simple. I even got an interview at Complex for writing a short bio that talked about that simplex mindset. (Choked the interview).

Where am I again?

Oh yeah, Simplex has been with me forever. I'm glad I finally got to a point where it fleshed itself out and didn't pursue it as an idea until now. Simplex for the longest time to me was only just: "Make the complex look simple." That was it. Just some statement telling me to do something fairly difficult lol. It felt kind of empty. It's like if on the first day your boss tells you to do something complicated without any roadmap and expecting insane results. Like wtf am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to make the complex look simple? That statement also got me really frustrated so many times when I would be working on a project and the ideas I had weren't translating. Like I want my projects to look top notch, but how? Then once I actually had the time to take a step back and reassess, I finally took the time to truly understand Simplex and realized that I had to "understand the complex" first.

Can I just take a moment to say that depending on your perspective what I just said could either be really interesting or just showing how stupid I am lmfaoo. Took me 7 years to figure out that I got to take the time to learn shit if I want to make the complex look simple. The shits... complex. Like wtf was I thinking that I'd be able to get there right away. Anywaysssssss

I'm glad I got to this point of understanding. Like I never had the time to understand the complex. I never had someone help me learn. I was always a 1 man team. I just had to wing it and hope I'd learn on the way, while also producing a strong product.

I really do think that a good amount of people get too caught up in their results. We get too caught up in not feeling like we're good enough yet because we honestly probably aren't. Like it's tough to want to do something to a certain skill level in an "entry level job" but not be at that level yet. You get that opportunity to go after what you want straight away, so you don't want to fuck up. It could be your only opportunity. This is the opportunity that if you do it correct, it could set you up strong for the rest of your career. You can't fuck this up. But like, if you aren't ready you aren't ready.

That's fine. You just aren't ready. Doesn't mean you won't be able to kill it in the future.

I wasn't ready when I got my first opportunity... or my second... or my third. I was trying to make the complex look simple when I didn't even know what I was trying to simplify. I didn't even have an idea of what "the complex" even was. I had to reset and understand that. I didn't know that I had to understand, not learn, what I didn't know. You can't simplify what you don't know. You were just lucky.

You can follow a tutorial all you want to get to that end look, but if you don't understand what you did you can't fully take advantage of the knowledge in front of you. When the results is all that matters, you don't take the time to understand the journey in front of you.

I'm everywhere with this post right now lmaooo.

But yeah, I'm so excited for this project. I just want to be able to give a space for creatives to understand that it's okay to not be where you want to be. We don't need to figure this shit out ASAP. We have to take the time to just understand our own journey and know that you aren't racing against anybody. Your creative journey is yours. There's no cookie cutter way to do this shit. Take the time to understand your craft and develop yourself creatively.

I'm hella excited for all the creativity that could potentially blossom from this. Creating a platform where development and growth is the product, gives so much creative freedom to the people we work with. Do you have this wild idea that you want to go for? Dope, film your thinking/creative process while you're working on said idea with the ups and downs. I'll fund the project.

Simplex was never just "Make the complex look simple". It is also everything before it. The true value is in the journey to making the complex look simple.

Will this project get any funding in the next year? I highly doubt it. Will this project get some income within 2 years? I think that's a strong possibility. Then once we get some cash flow in, we can start funding projects and take this to the next level.

Every time I talk about this and the more I flesh it out the more excited I get. The thought of this being just a dream isn't there anymore. It's beginning to feel tangible.

Am I prepared for the ups and downs that are going to come with this? I don't think so.

Am I prepared for this to absolutely tank and not do anything? Yes.

Am I prepared for the possibility of this to actually turn out how it is in my head? Absolutely not. But, I'll learn on the way.

This shit is all theory right now. Fleshed out theory. Like I'm about a few minutes away from pressing the render button of a 3D model. Like I'm a few lines away from finishing my code.

The potential is crazy with this. The things I want to do with Simplex Minds is pretty out there. Some ideas I won't be able to implement for years. If you ever get the opportunity to sign up for a "Test Group" mailing list, sign up for it. Y'all will be our guinea pigs.

No matter what happens with this upcoming season and how everything turns out, at least we went for it. At least we pushed ourselves to try and learn something new. At least we pushed ourselves to understand it enough to try and communicate it to you. That's really all we can control and all we can do. We can't control anything else.

I wrote this at 3AM on May 17th, 2021 just because I can't sleep because this is all I think about. I'm so excited to see what happens.

Season 1 is coming. Holy shit.

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