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Time to go public.

Welcome to Simplex Minds, Season 1.

For the past couple of months I, have had the honor of working with 3 other talented creatives and now writers who are going to bring you into their creative world. In the coming weeks we will be introducing the team that we have been working with for our initial season. After the introductions, we will be posting our personal journals on different creatives we believe are making the complex look simple and try to explain to you all why we think so and what we can take away from their work.

Through these posts we will be challenging ourselves to expand our creative knowledge and understanding that we could potentially implement towards future projects. We are all young creatives trying to make it in the creative space. There’s a lot we know, and a whole lot that we don’t. It’s time to understand the complex.

The purpose of this initial season is to try and teach y’all something you might have not known of beforehand. To try and understand something that we might’ve not taken the time to fully understand. To develop a stronger relationship with process and learning.

Throughout the first season we just want to introduce you to different creatives you might have not known of beforehand or bring a different perspective to those that you already know. We’ll be diving into many different types of creatives who work in different mediums. Hope you all enjoy this season as much as we have had working on it.

We’re really excited for this initial season. Make sure to sign up for our mailing list and follow our Instagram to stay involved. We’re going to have fun with this. Excited to get y’all involved.

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