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Wrapping Up Season 2

Season 2 is finally ending. Thank you all for another great season. This time I didn’t get to write as much but I did get to do some cool projects. Thank you to the new members of Simplex Minds for taking over the posts and teaching us about new creatives. Thank you, Troy, for being the mastermind behind Simplex Minds and for leading us into interesting new paths. I definitely challenged myself this season and I’m proud to say I got to do most of the things I wanted to do this season.

Let’s look back at my goals this season and see how well I did.

My first goal is to help D.I.Y. music artists which I have been doing since season 1. I’m proud to say that I’m still very active helping other independent artists. I’ve been working with The Frolix, David Nava, and Velvet Lune. Also got a few more artists coming up. I love collaborating and helping bands reach their full potential.

My second goal is to continue to have a place to geek out, thus, Simplex Minds. I didn’t get to write much and fully geek out like last season, but I was still able to geek out in some way. Life just got busy and is continuing to get busy. I will always geek out outside of Simplex Minds, but not might be able to share it as much.

My third and fifth goal sort of go together. My third goal is to share my journey as an independent artist and my fifth goal is to show the world more of who I am. The reason why these go together is because I got the chance to make a TikTok series where I would introduce my song demos and ask the viewer to let me know what they thought. So, in a way I showed my journey progress and got to talk in a video which I never do.

My fourth goal is to build a supporting community of independent musicians. Which I have. SUPERNOVA STAR is an independent label, more like music career consultation and The Frolix and David Nava have joined the community. I’m also collaborating with other artists.

Sixth and seventh goals were not fully accomplished but somewhat worked on. Hopefully I get to work on them a little more after this season.

I am grateful for this season and my fellow teammates. I don’t know how involved I’ll be next season since I have gotten busier with projects, but either way I’ll always consider myself part of the Simplex Minds family.

Thank you for a memorable season.


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