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Today marks a big chapter for Simplex. May not seem big to most, but I was finally able to set up business accounts for all of the team members here at Simplex Minds.

I've been talking about it to the team for months. Every meeting I bring it up and say that I'm working on it. It kept feeling like a cycle.

The main thing I wanted to do was make sure these expenses were separate from my personal finances so I needed a business banking account. Come tax season, I'd rather have it be as clean as possible. I feel like it's going to be a hassle to separate out my business expenses during tax season so I didn't want to add more to it.

Considering that, I had to file Simplex Minds as an LLC, submit a Statement of Information, and apply for EIN in order to legitimize Simplex Minds as a business.

That was really scary considering I have never done anything like this before. I was a photographer/videographer for my whole career. Paperwork like this was so foreign to me.

But, I got it done. Did some research on best banks to work with for small businesses and last week opened up a business checkings account. Today, my debit card came in and I was able to transfer payments to that account and finally was able to deliver on that promise I made to the team.

It may not seem big to most. Shit, this is just the beginning of a long journey. I'm learning as we go. This is huge to me. Simplex Minds is a legitimate company now. I knew that we would have to get to this moment eventually, but it all felt so far away. Like it just felt like "a problem for future Troy". But, I got it done. It was a problem for past Troy, that was figured out and solved.

The dope thing now that we have business emails for the team members is that they can now do outreach. We have maintained our content to ourselves these past couple of years. We find a person we think is dope and we write about them. Now, we have the ability to reach out to these people with an email and they can view the team's credibility.

There's legitimacy to their cold emails now.

These past couple of years we have been building up this site with pieces. Now, we have the ability to reap the benefits of our work and try to connect to those that we look up to.

You can't tell me that there's no difference from getting an email that ends with or one that ends with an There's more legitimacy behind the company email and you'd be more willing to speak to the email than the generic

All in all, I'm just hyped for this chapter that is going to begin with Simplex Minds. We have been keeping to our bubble, but now we can expand out and see who out there wants to collaborate. A lot of doors will be opening up and I'm excited to see what happens.

Time to take advantage of everything we have done these past couple of years. I'm hella excited to see what we can do in this next chapter.

Season 2 is finally ending. Thank you all for another great season. This time I didn’t get to write as much but I did get to do some cool projects. Thank you to the new members of Simplex Minds for taking over the posts and teaching us about new creatives. Thank you, Troy, for being the mastermind behind Simplex Minds and for leading us into interesting new paths. I definitely challenged myself this season and I’m proud to say I got to do most of the things I wanted to do this season.

Let’s look back at my goals this season and see how well I did.

My first goal is to help D.I.Y. music artists which I have been doing since season 1. I’m proud to say that I’m still very active helping other independent artists. I’ve been working with The Frolix, David Nava, and Velvet Lune. Also got a few more artists coming up. I love collaborating and helping bands reach their full potential.

My second goal is to continue to have a place to geek out, thus, Simplex Minds. I didn’t get to write much and fully geek out like last season, but I was still able to geek out in some way. Life just got busy and is continuing to get busy. I will always geek out outside of Simplex Minds, but not might be able to share it as much.

My third and fifth goal sort of go together. My third goal is to share my journey as an independent artist and my fifth goal is to show the world more of who I am. The reason why these go together is because I got the chance to make a TikTok series where I would introduce my song demos and ask the viewer to let me know what they thought. So, in a way I showed my journey progress and got to talk in a video which I never do.

My fourth goal is to build a supporting community of independent musicians. Which I have. SUPERNOVA STAR is an independent label, more like music career consultation and The Frolix and David Nava have joined the community. I’m also collaborating with other artists.

Sixth and seventh goals were not fully accomplished but somewhat worked on. Hopefully I get to work on them a little more after this season.

I am grateful for this season and my fellow teammates. I don’t know how involved I’ll be next season since I have gotten busier with projects, but either way I’ll always consider myself part of the Simplex Minds family.

Thank you for a memorable season.

As the season comes to an end, I have a few things that I want to reflect on. In this writing I will be looking back at mainly what I’ve learned about myself as a creative and an individual as being a part of the Season 2 team.


I will be addressing the goals that I set for myself as a creative and individual prior to the start of Season 2. The first goal that I had for myself was to have fun and enjoy the process. What this goal has taught me is more so being realistic about my creative process. I found that it was difficult for me in times when I had school, work and practice.

The reality was that not every part of the process would be smooth sailing. In my case, sometimes finding the topics to discuss on some of the creatives or developing graphics was difficult for me, especially at times when I felt like I was in a creative funk. Sometimes the creative process will not always be going my way and pleasurable as I might not always have a flow of ideas or motivation and that’s okay. The thing is to be kind to myself and maybe take more breaks and come back to what I am working on. But also, it’s important to cherish the times that I do have fun and enjoy the process (which I caught in 4k in the image below).

My second goal was to create, learn and explore. I think I have done a good job in meeting this goal. I have been able to create content that inspired me and the different creative avenues that I thought were most intriguing to me. In addition, I have learned more about myself and my creative process during this season. I have learned to use the app, Procreate to create graphics to post on instagram. For example, prior to being a part of the team, I wasn’t sure how to make an instagram carousel post, which allows for viewers to swipe through a series of images or content in one instagram post. I had to use my resources, thanks to my friend YouTube, I was able to figure it out within an hour or two. (Below you can find both a link to the post and an example to refresh your mind about a graphic I had created). Still a work in progress, but the point is, I learned. In my journey of exploration, I am starting to find different creative outlets that I would like to put more of my energy towards. I really want to get more into writing children's books that go into topics related to mental health and living life as a black girl.

My third goal was to embrace self-expression and reflection. In a sense I kind of met this goal. The reason I say kind of was mainly because I was writing about other creatives and diving into their process and creative expression. On the other end, I was able to have my own way of expressing how I felt about their work and how it impacted my perspectives on different things. For example, in each of my pieces I tried to connect it back to how the particular creators' work allowed me to find myself in some way. In the piece about Icykof, I mentioned how I learned more about fashion and style and how people express themselves through clothing. Overall, how it changed my personal style to fit me more than societal trends. In terms of reflection, well this article does exactly that. I have been going through a creative journey and this is one of the pit stops that I may have needed to take to learn more about myself as an individual and creative.

My fourth goal was to share my inner child with the world. This goal I think was a little bit ambitious, but I think I was able to incorporate it, mainly in the piece I did about Quentin Blake. This is because I could quite literally relate it to my childhood and reading books with Mr. Blake’s illustrations all over. In terms of figuratively, my inner childhood led me to be interested in joining the team in the first place. That yearn for creativity and exploration and being able to share and how I process things creatively. I can thank my childhood mind. A lot of times being an adult can be so serious and not fun to be honest. However, it allows me to tap into a part of myself that I don’t usually on a daily basis.

Enjoy this picture of me as a child. :)

Overall, I am thankful for the experience that I was able to have this Season and all of the creatives I was able to engage with on the Monday evening meetings. Seeing the creative talent and expression of others is cool.There was a lot of energy and time that I gave to these projects and I did the best that I could during this experience despite all of the commitments I had during the season.

Thank you for joining me on this rollercoaster but for now the ride has come to an end. Til next time, Avia.

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