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Patrick Ramos Reflection

What an insane experience. My journey has been such a rollercoaster and a great perception of what life can do to change us internally. For me, I was struggling creatively and was burning out from both photography and my personal life.

It was tough for me to keep up with taking photos because feeling uninspired was natural. Every day I would push myself to take a picture since, initially, my first goal was to take one photo a day. I would have my camera out with me everywhere I go, and it would be hard for me to produce pictures I like. I think this is where my first lesson comes in just enjoying the nature of photography. I was so focused on looking for the photos that I lost the enjoyment of photographing. The act of taking pictures is my therapy. So instead, I pushed myself to take photos which made me not enjoy photography. What a crazy self-realization for me.

However, I was able to learn and study B/W photography processes through my journey in Simplex Minds. Creating artwork and learning more about the artist that inspired me helped me see the capability that just black and white photos can do. My favorite artist I did enjoy the most was Andre D. Wagner. Andre's work was just a great inspiration for me to learn his unique style of photography.

Next season, I do plan on approaching everything in a different light. First, take breaks in my photography and do not overwork myself. Putting myself at a pace where I can consistently create work without stopping and putting out photos that I enjoy would be key. Another approach is allowing myself to live with the images I create. Taking time to let me view the pictures from different times and fully observe the work. Last and probably the most important, having fun….. Very cop-out answer, but honestly just enjoy what photography is to me. It's a therapeutic hobby for me. At the end of the day, it is my work, and photography helps me keep myself grounded. Anyways cheers for the read!

C'ya, next season!


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