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Photographer to the Stars: Amber Asaly

by Mia Ballesteros

Whenever I dream of manifesting the perfect life I find inspiration from one of my all-time favorite photographers, Amber Asaly. Even if you don’t know who Amber is, you’ve more than likely have seen some of her work as she's become Hollywood's go-to celebrity photographer and BFF. Based in Los Angeles, she has been behind some of the masterpieces from all of our favorite stars, from Kylie Jenner to Hailey Bieber. Asaly has taken the photography game by storm with her style of oversaturation, wide angles, and eccentric scenes. Not only has this set her apart from other artists, but her close relationships with some of LA's hottest celebrities has continued to lead her to the top.

Amber first started gaining popularity after her surprise 26th birthday went viral on social media. It wasn't just a normal surprise birthday party but was put together by her event planner cousin and closest friends on the New York subway. From there, her artwork and Instagram took off like a rocket, and undeniably so as the 29-year-old artist and photographer knows just how to show off her one-of-a-kind lifestyle. Her photos feel fun and warm, including her best friends and some pretty familiar faces we all know and love.

Most of the recent work that Asaly has produced has been on film. According to Cosmopolitan, she states her shooting preference is due to the fact that“ film captures a vibe so much better than digital ever can and ever will, because it’s one moment, click. And then that’s it....You don’t have 100 opportunities, you don’t have an SD card....It’s just one shot”. The way she navigates through her work on film comes across as purely imaginative and unique. For example, one of her photoshoots done in collaboration with one of her friends, Sofia Richie first reminded me of a world you'd see only in storybooks. Take a look:

I know I'm not the only one who can say they've never seen a hair tie before. While it might not be the most jaw-dropping thing you've ever seen, Asaly showcases us a look into her wild imagination in a way that always makes you do a double-take think "Wow...look at that." Her surrealist approach in combination with the hazy vibe produced from film photography creates magic.

Aside from her style of photography being great for the personal IG feed, her techniques are one of the main reasons she has landed so many professional jobs that have led her to where she is now, from Puma and High Snobiety, to Kylie Swim and Starface.

Her use of fun and wide angles is incredibly inspiring. Always looking for new ways to show the world through my lens is one of my many priorities as a photographer and Asaly has motivated me to go out and attempt to capture the world differently.

Now, if all of that didn't make Amber Asaly race straight to the top of your Favorite Photographers list, this is what did it for me. The most interesting thing about the famous celebrity photographer is the people she photographs. Well, not entirely, but rather the relationships she has with these people. While it may seem like she is everyone's personal photographer, Asaly has found a name for herself by remaining true to herself and authentic in her friendships. Take Kylie Jenner for example. I'm sure most of you have seen some of these iconic Kylie Instagram posts before:

You guessed it, the photographer responsible for these insane vacation pics is none other than Miss Asaly. Being friends with the stars definitely has its perks, one being the many all-expenses paid vacations in exchange for stunning photos.

Now don't get me wrong, being friends with the stars isn't the reason behind Amber's success. Her one-of-a-kind storytelling technique along with her ability to create a world within a photo is what's gotten her to superstar status of her own. While going on fun vacays with your friends is something I'd love to do, the thing that resonates with me most about being BFFs with the people you photograph is capturing those special memories. Every picture has a story behind it and if there's anything we can learn from Amber Asaly it's to remain authentic in yourself and how you choose to tell your story.

Something myself and many others can agree on is that passion for photography can root from being able to freeze moments in time to look back on forever. That's one of the main things that led me to become a photographer. That's why when I think about manifesting the perfect life, to me that's being able to do what I love, getting paid for doing what I love, and doing it with the people that I love most. Can you guess who I got that from?

I'll end this with a few of my all-time favorites by Amber Asaly. Thanks for reading, and for allowing us all here at Simplex Minds to share our own stories and the stories of the people who have inspired us. I'll see you guys next time. <3

[All photos used belong to Amber Asaly]


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