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The hardest part with every project for me is starting. I have your ideas, I understand to a degree what you have to do, but I just can't pull the trigger. Why is that? Is it the lack of confidence? Is it the thought of the outside pressure to make something great? Is it the internal pressure of only wanting to make something great?

It's a lot of different things.

In the end, you can't progress without starting. A lot of things will make you uncomfortable during the process, but you can't grow from those situations if you don't give yourself that opportunity.

The whole thing with Simplex is making the complex look simple, but you have to understand the complex first in order to simplify it. The process to get where you want to be the first time around will always be the ugliest. You might unintentionally go through a path that is convoluted and seemed impossible to trek through. Then once you get to the top you look down and see an established dirt path. That's okay. At least you made it to the top and now understand the better path.

This blog is going to be me trekking different paths. I'm at the bottom of the hill right now with the drive to get to the top. I just need to start my journey. This is me starting my journey.

Time to understand the complex.

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