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A Warm Welcome from Avia


Hello everyone my name is Avia Bateman. Welcome to my introduction, I appreciate you stopping by. I am a 4th year at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona majoring in Psychology. I heard about Simplex Minds from the one and only Mia B. from Season 1 and was interested in being surrounded by different creatives as another way to connect with people outside of my school.

I have a deep appreciation for any and all forms of creativity but I tend to focus more on writing, drawing/doodling and sometimes random graphic edits I come up with on my iPad. Being a part of Simplex Minds is a unique opportunity and I am excited to see what I and my fellow creatives will produce this season

This is my first time at Simplex, and I will be one of the creatives joining season 2. Some inspiration I have found in my creativity stems from embodying my inner child. Growing up I have always enjoyed being creative whether it was writing a random fictional story or doodling in my notebook. That same creative energy I expressed when I was younger, you will see reflected in my work through different avenues.


My goals are broad, as this experience alone has surpassed one of my goals. I have always wanted to be a part of a group of creatives, that are not limited in terms of their expression and reflection of how they perceive life or the world around them for example. A safe space in which I feel that I do not have to overthink but just create. It is beautiful to be a part of such a unique experience. Overall, my goals reflect being able to learn, express and grow as a creative individual trying to find themselves in the world. My intentions with this process is to learn more about myself and the creative processes of others.

  1. Have fun and enjoy the process

  2. Create, learn and explore

  3. Embrace Self-Expression and Reflection

  4. Share my inner child creativity with the world :)

Again, thank you for stopping by. As you take part in this journey, buckle in and enjoy the ride. :)


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