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Carissa's Season 2 Goals

Hey! It's me again, how have you been? We're starting up another season of Simplex Minds and things are changing. We have new writers and new content coming at you this season, and it's all exciting. With that being said, a new season means new goals, right?

I'd like to keep it simple and sustainable with my goals this season, without falling too much into a comfort zone. Yes, I am "slaving" off to corporate America 8 hours a day but that will not stop me from producing quality work! That brings me to my first goal of time management. I will analyze, calculate, and allocate time to personal projects and creativity outside my day job. As simple as that may sound to some, it's sooooo friggin hard! I would be lying if told you that as easy as Simplex Minds SHOULD be, I only let myself get in the way of making quality work that I am proud of, and most of that is contingent on time management. Aside from losing all of our attention to this social media attention economy, we are all subject to procrastination because we are afraid to fail or dread putting ourselves out there. I want to overcome that mental block this season and really focus on taking my time with my work and allowing myself to ease it into my schedule.

Things I will do to help my time management for personal projects:

  1. Less social media, especially TikTok

  2. Blocking small increments of work to do personal projects - like as little as 15 minutes a day

  3. Building the habit gradually! Small and steady will make it work.

  4. Having weekly goals and being kind to myself if I don't reach them

You may ask me, "Carissa, what type of personal projects are you planning to work on?" Well, that is for you to hold tight and find out when I finish! The second goal of this season is to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. I am a creature of habit but a connoisseur of new experiences, and that includes creative experiences! The contradiction exists because these new experiences usually never stick with me. I like to dip my toes and then head out, never to revisit things again (like that time I worked with polymer clay or tried to roller skate.... yikes). However, this past year made me realize it is possible for me to try something new and stick with it. Not a creative activity, but I have incorporated a sport into my life and it's been 10 months since I have been playing tennis weekly. I realized it is about slow incorporations and building a relationship between you and the activity you want to pursue. Treat it like a person, get to know it better. Great things are never rushed. Are you sensing a theme here?

Things I will do to help me get out of my comfort zone and try a new creative medium AND stick with it:

  1. First of all, I'll have to figure out if I like it first. That's the whole point of process-based creation, right? I will definitely let you know if this fails on step one

  2. Go slow with it. Brainstorm, make things in small increments, and avoid burnout

  3. Try to work on it at least once a week

  4. When in doubt, talk it out. Share my experiences with a friend if things get tough

  5. Record my progress, reflect monthly... It's good to feel like you're getting somewhere with something


  7. Realize the commitment is not comfortable, but it is feasible

And that's it for now. These are my two simple but challenging goals for the season, and I'll see you at the finish line, I am going to take my time to make sure I get there. :)


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