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Mia's Season 2 Goals

Simplex Minds Season 2…we made it.

And with a new season comes new responsibilities, new beginnings, and new goals. As I sit here writing my goals for Season 2, thinking about all that we have accomplished over the past year, I feel so proud of the way we tackled all of our projects and want to bring that energy into this new season. We now have a new team, new ideas, and are striving to bring our very best to Simplex Minds.

First off, on my list of goals for this season, I personally want to make an effort to be more present. Life has a way of distracting you and especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic, I noticed myself slipping away from my responsibilities and pushing it to the very last second to complete them. I’ve always been a procrastinator, and maybe that has something to do with the way my brain is wired, but attempting to procrastinate less is a goal I will always hold for myself and want to work on to be the best I can be for this team. Maybe that means investing in a better planner, or simply managing my time better, I want to see and really feel that difference.

Goal number 2: I want to learn a new skill to bring to the Simplex Minds table. I’m always trying to find something new to learn, both professionally and personally. Before anything else, I am a photographer, which also happened to start off as a self-taught skill. But as I mature and move up in my career I want to become more well rounded. I’ve been interested in learning more about NFT’s and possibly creating my own sometime soon. Maybe you’ll see that on our feed sometime down the road. Or learning how to successfully create content for multiple platforms, including Simplex Minds. I want to put my 100% into the content I create, and I know that I can start with Simplex.

And that leads straight into my final goal I have for this next season which is to make more art. Art that fuels my passion for living life. Whether that be through photography, digital manipulation, drawing, collaging, or even content for my own social media as well as for Simplex, I just want to create. I’ve used art as therapy ever since I was a little girl. After the rough year I had, I realized that art was one of the many things that I was slipping away from. It was a way for me to take my mind off what was stressing me, a way to connect with my thoughts and bring my visions to life. As we move into 2022, I want to really work to find myself again and I believe that I can accomplish this goal through creating.

I hope you all are as excited for Season 2 as we are. We have a ton planned for this upcoming year and following through with our goals is exactly what is going to lead us there. As you read this, I hope you are able to realize the goals you want to set for yourself in this new year. Thank you for joining us on this ride.

We’ll see you soon.



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